Now you can learn to play guitar anywhere - on your way to school, work, or even at the beach.


ChordShaker App makes learning guitar chords fast and easy.

ChordShaker actually teaches you, finger by finger, how to position your hand on the guitar fretboard to play each chord.

You will develop the muscle memory of your fingers and learn to memorize the right positions. ChordShaker provides you with immediate feedback on your playing.



There are over 100 hit songs in the ChordShaker Songbook that you can practise with.

Are you ready to learn new songs?

Check out the FourChords Guitar Karaoke App, it is the fastest way to learn new songs!



About us

Musopia Ltd

Musopia is a mobile app development firm dedicated to creating fresh and innovative music software. Our mission at Musopia is to make playing an instrument so easy and fun that everybody can do it.

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